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Leave Your Mark in Print

There is a time for everything in the marketing business. A time to stick with your current marketing strategy, a time to change your plan just a little and a time to try something completely different. Personalization Nobody likes to be treated as just another number. And with variable data, […]

Keeping Them Hooked: Customer Retention Strategies

In your marketing endeavors, so much time and energy is spent luring customers to your business. But all of your hard work in captivating customers is wasted if you can’t keep them after you’ve snagged them once. That’s why customer retention is a vital aspect of your company’s marketing strategy […]

Creating A Brochure: Design Counts

Substance might be more important than style in many things but every good marketer knows that brochure design is just as critical as the brochure’s content, if not more so. Many a novice advertiser has made the mistake of scrimping on a brochure design, opting to stuff the brochure with […]