Case Study: Variable Data Printing (VDP) and Mail House Services solution increased lead generation.


AutoMark Technical Systems manufacturers, sells and services voter assist ballot marking systems. They have units installed nationwide to insure that voting is accessible to people with physical and sight disabilities as well as helping overcome language barriers.

AutoMark began a program of direct mail postcards. They printed 50,000 postcards with one message and mailed in 2,500 drop increments. The response rate was initially good, however, over the course of the program, leads virtually stopped. Eventually, they scrapped over 10,000 cards.

Utilizing our variable data expertise, Allegra designed 8 ‘regional looking’ postcards increasing viewer familiarity but still allowed AutoMark the flexibility to change on a seconds notice. Utilizing their existing database, we printed customized, unique postcards that were ready to drop in the mail.

The Result:
Lead generation is at an all-time high and their marking system machine placements has increased three-fold.