Case Study: On-Demand printing reduces waste and overall costs.


Cortech USA is a manufacturer and distributor of specialty items used exclusively in the corrections industry. With a vast array of product lines, they are constantly revising their product offerings to their unique client base.

Costly reprints on catalogs ranging from 8 to 20 pages to remove obsolete products. These catalogs were updated on an annual basis with print quantities in the several thousands.

With Allegra’s digital production equipment, we have cut each of Cortech’s catalog runs to 500. With our inline booklet making capability — the machine outputs, folds and stitches in one step. The finished product is immediately ready to box and ship.

The Result:
Cortech now prints exactly what they need, when they need it . . . the overall cost of their materials has been significantly reduced, they are rarely forced to recycle obsolete catalogs and Cortech’s return on their marketing investment has significantly increased.