Case Study: Having 1 supplier for ALL your marketing services saves time, money & effort.


ITW is a Fortune 200 company which operates numerous smaller business units as autonomous companies. Often these companies have a small or non existent marketing departments.

A new product was brought to an existing ITW brand but the audience was Dairy farmers, a market that ITW had little experience selling to.

Allegra developed a Marketing Plan to address:

  • New company division name: ITW Agriculture Solutions
  • Product Name: DairyCuff (to identify Dairy Cattle a band with a radio frequency chip is placed on their rear leg)
  • Best methods to market and introduce the new brand: (Website, Tradeshow Graphics, Trade Publication Print Advertising, Press Releases, Instructional Videos, Branded Apparel)

The Result:
Company Introduction and Product Launch came in under budget and still provided free publicity, increased name recognition, strong branding and ultimately sales are being realized.